Volunteer Signup Process

  • Go to the Crew Signup Option
  • Select up to 3 Crews
  • Add any comments you wish, like special needs, concerns, etc.
  • Click the Submit Request link.
  • You can return any time to Crew Signup option to check the status of your request or to send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Processing crew requests may take up to 1 week. Be Patient, we are volunteers too.

Other Information

  • You can manage your contact information by selecting the Family Member option.
  • Click the Display Name link. Update your profile. Save changes.
  • You can also add and manage volunteer requests for other family members or friends
  • Go to the Family Member Option
  • Click Add Family Member. Fill in the required information (red arrows). Click Add User.
  • You can now go to the Crew Signup Option. Select the person from the dropdown list. Select crews. Then, Submit the Request.
  • You can check the status of any Family Member request by returning to Crew Signup option and selecting the family member.

Volunteer Crews

Check In

Check-in crew greets, checks in and gives wristbands to other volunteers, guests of the festival, performers and their guests, vendors, radio ticket winners, and all non-paying festival attendees.  The check-in crew starts work on Wednesday by noon.  The check-on area is in operation from 9 am to 11 pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 9 am til 2 pm on Sunday.

The Check-in crew meeting will be at 10 am Thursday at Main Gate area.

Credit Cards

The Credit Card Crew works both in the Festival Merchandise area and the Front Gate area processing credit cards for merchandise and ticket sales.

Crew meeting will be at the Main Gate area Thursday, 6 pm. Crew members can stop by Main Gate area any time before then to sign up for shifts.

It is recommended that this crew all wear their volunteer t-shirts when on shift.

Festival Merchandise

The Festival Merchandise crew sells t-shirts, CDs and other festival merchandise.  

Everyone must attend the first crew meeting at 3 PM on Thursday, to help set up the area.

First Aid Crew

First Aid Crew provides first aid services during the festival. Volunteers must arrive by Wednesday night. The crew meeting will be held in the medical building on Thursday at 11:30 am (SHARP). You must be one of the following to volunteer: Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, EMT, or Other Licensed Medical Practitioner and you must provide copies of current certifications and/or licenses. The crew operates 24 hours a day and is headquartered at the First Aid building.

Food Concession

Food Concession volunteers perform a variety of tasks, including taking orders, preparing food, serving food and taking money.  They will also help keep the Concession area stocked and clean.

Gate Ticket Sales

The Gate Ticket Sales Crew sells tickets and exchange tickets for wristbands.  They work near the main entrance, and are open from noon to 10:00 pm on Wednesday, 9 am to 10:00 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and 9 am to Sunday evening.  Basic money handling skills and the ability to work well with the public are required.

The Gate Ticket Sales crew meeting will be 6 pm on Thursday at Main Gate.

Kitchen - Festival (Shelly's Kitchen)

Staff kitchen prepares the meals for all the volunteers and guests during the festival. This involves preparation, serving and cleanup for dinner on Thursday, breakfast and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and a "leftovers" breakfast/brunch on Sunday.

You may be asked to wash/cut/chop/stir/carry large quantities of food, working as a team with other staff members. The work can involve a lot of standing, reaching and lifting, and can be very messy. We provide all the equipment, including gloves. You're welcome to wear a favorite apron, hat or other item (as long as it won't get in the way).

Parking and Traffic

The Festival Parking Crew directs incoming traffic to parking areas during the Festival.  This is a crew for those who love to be out in the open.  Punctuality, communication and team work are required for this crew.  Please be sure to bring sunblock, a hat, and rain gear - including boots.  Arrive on site by 5pm Thursday evening.  Everyone must attend a mandatory 9 AM Friday meeting.

Safety and Security - Festival

The Safety and Security crew does a wide variety of tasks to help keep all the various elements of the festival working safely together.  Duties include checking wristbands, patrolling the campgrounds, reporting unsafe conditions, assisting people with problems.  Volunteers will have a radio while on duty and will communicate any questionable behavior or activities to the crew chief.  Festival Security begins on Thursday.  There will be a meeting on Thursday at 6:00 pm.

Site Crew

Early Site Crew has special requirements. Early Site Crew seeks persons with carpentry, electrical, and other trade skills. This crew involves commitment to substantial full time hours (8-10 hours a day) for a period of about one week before the festival begins.

Site crew begins work the Saturday before the festival begins.

Site Kitchen (Tracey's Kitchen)

The Site Kitchen prepares three meals daily for early volunteers, setting up both the Site Kitchen and the Festival Kitchen.  Work begins on the Friday before the festival and continues until the Festival Kitchen takes over.  This requires a substantial commitment of hours (approx. 8 hours a day).

Stage - Dance

The Dance Stage crew sets up and operates the Dance Stage.  All crew members must be able to lift and carry heavy loads.

Shoes are required during all shifts, especially Load-In and Load-Out.

Load-In starts Thursday afternoon. Load in at 10 am Thursday appreciated but not required.  All crew need to be ready to work at the Dance Stage by 1 PM Thursday.

Stage - Main

In order to volunteer for the Main Stage, you must have experience in handling sound equipment and have worked in a similar environment before.  Approval of volunteers for Main Stage is conditional and  subject to the approval of the Main Stage Manager. Minimum age - 21 years old.  Load in at 10 am Thursday appreciated but not required.

Stage - Workshop

We are a fun and hard working group who support the musicians, get them on and off stage in a timely manner, and troubleshoot issues that arise. Qualifications: Can you schlep musicians gear?  Know the difference between a 1/4 inch and an XLR cable?  Are you focused, punctual, cool under pressure, able to work quickly, and attend to details amid chaos? Can you wrap cable?

Crew members are required to be onsite and ready to work by Thursday noon and work through breakdown Sunday evening.  Load in at 10 am Thursday appreciated but not required.

Teen Crew

Teen Crew serves three purposes: to support the work of other crews, to help young volunteers explore various volunteer jobs with the goal of finding the best placement for them as adult volunteers, and to help festival-goers meet unexpected needs which fall between the cracks of the existing crew structure.  Teen crew work includes - but is not limited to - regular site checks to ensure that the festival is going smoothly, placement at front gate, kid's tent, and food service, guest services and guidance, and basic grounds maintenance as needed.  Teen crew is open to teens under the age of 18; it opens on Thursday afternoon, and runs from 8am to 8pm during the festival (8 am to 4 pm on Sunday).  All teen crew members will be expected to do a minimum of two 2-hour shifts each day.

Teen crew meets near Security.